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Welcome to Blue Fountain Photography. My name is Lesley Deutsch, and I have been involved with both horses and photography all my life. I dabbled in photography years ago - shooting some weddings, doing promo shots for rock bands, catching the everyday things around me, and generally just having fun. As life got busier, and I began to build my own horse training business, ( my time for photography slipped away. Now, however, I have rediscovered the magical connection between the camera and the horse, and I am also viewing everything else around me with a different "eye". I am very lucky to have my own ranch, with plenty of equine and human models available, and I also enjoy going to photographic workshops when I get the chance.

I'm in the process (Aug 2013) of updating this web site, and have somehow in the process misplaced the section called Galleries - oops! Be patient, and all will be well!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit!

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